Health, safety and security

bandeau titre nos engagements sécurité, santé, sureté

Our commitment in this domain is one of our primary concerns, that is:

  • The improvement of safety at the work station
  • The health of our workforce
  • The protection of our know-how
  • The management of technological risks and those related to the transportation of our products

The Total Group’s overall policy in this regard is reflected in:

  • The application of strictly governed plant design and construction standards
  • Clearly defined operating procedures as regards to maintenance, inspection and monitoring
  • Personalised staff training
  • Crisis management training

In particular, our approach is based upon four cornerstones:

Promoting a culture of safety
All staff members and also the staff of external companies operating on our site contribute to the reinforcement of this culture.

Improving health and safety at the work station
We maintain a resolute and continuous policy to improve safety and protect the health of our employees thanks to the provision of medical care adapted to their work station.

Managing technological risks
To strengthen the safety of our sites, our methodology for risk analysis leads to the implementation of preventive and protective measures to be carried out in accordance with the European Seveso II Directive.

Enhancing product transportation safety and security
Improving the safety and security of our product transportation, in accordance with national and international regulations, is of particular importance to us. We have thus obtained a Level 3 rating following the latest assessment conducted by DNV in accordance with the lnternational Small Site Safety Rating System (ISSSRS©).


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