HTX 320 DOT 4 brake fluid now available!

HTX 320 DOT 4 brake fluid now available! 


Total Additives & Special Fuels announces its new product in the “Elf Racing Fuels and Lubricants” range: HTX 320 brake fluid. Discover the product’s benefits below.

Why choose HTX 320? 

ELF HTX 320 is a 100% synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid based on glycol ether technology. It features a particularly high boiling point, guaranteeing its suitability for use in the harshest conditions.
It is compatible with all types of elastomer used in braking systems.
HTX 320 DOT 4 is designed for motorsport, specially formulated to provide the best performance in the most challenging conditions encountered in car, motorcycle and go-kart racing.

The product already available will be including as soon as possible to the range.
If you want further information, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form: or find the closer reseller 

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