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With over 30 years of experience developing performance additives for fuels, Total Additives and Special Fuels has built up a vast amount of expertise in the field. Our Excellium and Premier packages have successfully contributed towards differentiating the Total network's range of fuels. Total is the biggest network in Europe. Many other networks worldwide also benefit from our expertise. The advantages provided by our know-how are demonstrated daily by millions of users and motorists.
Total Additives and Special Fuels is a member of the Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe (ATC).
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Understanding and controlling complexity

Due to the stringent requirements and technical complexity of modern engines, the "fuel" variable must be perfectly controlled. The inclusion of additives in fuels is one solution to the issues at stake.
When choosing Total Additives and Special Fuels, you benefit from hands-on guidance and supervision by our technical and sales teams in complete confidentiality. Our engineers will provide you with expert advice in your search for technical solutions for implementing the most appropriate marketing strategy for modern-day fuel distribution. We will help you to make your fuels stand out from the competition, giving them higher added value in the eyes (for the benefit of?) of the end customer.

A customised offer

The customised formulation of our additives means that we can offer products tailored to your specific needs: fuel performance and marketing strategy.
Market requirements differ from country to country: some markets prioritise engine protection and increased mileage, while others want better performance.



Whatever your strategy, we can provide suitable performance additives with tried and tested properties.